Parent Code of Conduct

                              Indianola Soccer Tribe Parent Code of Conduct

I will,

· Encourage good sporting like behavior of players and peers.

· Accept the results of games

· Encourage players to be gracious in victory and turn defeat into victory by working to improve

· Recognize winning is an outcome and not the sole purpose of youth soccer matches

· Act as a positive role model by showing support for all players, coaches and game officials

· Use my influence and authority to deter inappropriate conduct by other supporters towards officials and opponents

· Encourage my child to play within the written rules and laws of the game without the intent of causing injury to an opposing player

· Emphasize the game is played for fun and learning opportunities

· Support coaches, game officials and volunteers who spend valuable time with the players

· Abide by rules established by the association that Indianola Soccer Tribe is affiliated with

· Walk away from the field if I feel I cannot control my emotions or my actions

I will not,

· Engage in any physical or verbal confrontation with opposing players, coaches or supporters

· Criticize, harass, heckle or otherwise disrespect opposing players, coaches, supporters or referees

· Approach coach, parent or pro within 24 hours after any event to discuss an issue I have

· Coach or criticize players from the sidelines at any time

· Negatively discuss other players, coaches or parents with or in the presence of other players most importantly my own

By completing my registration with Indianola Soccer Tribe, I acknowledge the understanding of the above Code of Conduct. Furthermore, I acknowledge that any infraction of the Code of Conduct is subject to disciplinary action.