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Coaches Code of Conduct



• Care more about the player than winning the game – winning is a byproduct of investing time into the development of each player, it is not the most important.  

• Accept the results of all games being humble in victory and gracious in defeat.  

• Be concerned with the OVERALL development of your players and not just their soccer skills.  

• Give ALL players the opportunity to improve their skills, gain confidence, and develop self-esteem.  

• Maintain an open line of communication with your players and their parents.  

• Lead by example.  

• Think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best in yourself, your peers and your players.  

• Be positive at all times.  

• Accept the responsibility of team leadership. Be accountable for the conduct of the players, team officials and spectators affiliated with the team.  

• Encourage your players to play within the spirit, written rules and laws of the game without the intent of causing injury to an opposing player.  

• Extend respect and courtesy to match officials, coaches and other volunteers.  

• Abide by the rules established by the associations and leagues that the Indianola Soccer Tribe is affiliated with.  This includes reporting any yellow and/or red cards to the Board of Directors within 24 hours of the game in which it occurred in. 


Do Not  


• Verbally or physically abuse a player, parent, spectator or opposing coach.  

• Lose control of your temper.  

• Use profanity in the presence of players.  

• Criticize, harass, heckle or otherwise disrespect a game official.  

• Incite players, team officials, or spectators into conduct towards officials that is contrary to the Laws of the Game.  

• Encourage, condone, or permit any player to engage in conduct with the intent of causing injury to an opponent.  

• Negatively discuss players, parents, or coaches in the presence of the like.  

Coaching Manual

Coaching Manual